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1. Installation and Activation

1.1 What is WaveSecure?

WaveSecure is a mobile security solution that protects your mobile phone and keeps your phone data safe. You can backup/restore phone data, lock/wipe phone remotely including tracking of phone location and the number of the new SIM card in the phone.

WaveSecure Backup is a mobile solution that protects your phone data which allows you to backup/restore phone data.

1.2 Who can sign up for WaveSecure?

WaveSecure service is applicable to StarHub Mobile postpaid subscribers with supported phones.

1.3 How do I sign up for WaveSecure

To sign up for WaveSecure service, SMS <SUB> to 6300 and you will receive an SMS with a link to download WaveSecure client. Upon download, follow through the installation and registration steps in order start using the service!

Please ensure you have 3G/GPRS activated to allow you to view the download page link.

1.4 Does my phone support WaveSecure? Where can I view a list of supported phones?

WaveSecure supports a variety of mobile platforms including Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile. Click here for the supported phone list.

WaveSecure Backup supports Java enabled phones. Click here for the supported phone list.

1.5 What are the charges for WaveSecure?

As a promotion, the monthly subscription for this service is waived until 31st Oct 2013.

Description End User price Promo period
One-time fees FreeFree
Monthly Subscription fee *WaveSecure Backup - S$2.14/mth *WaveSecure - S$3.21/mth Free till 31st Oct 2013
Data charges for client download WaivedWaived
Other data usage Standard local and roaming charges applyStandard local and roaming charges apply
Other message charges +Standard local and
+International SMS charges apply
+Standard local and +International SMS charges apply

+International Data/SMS charges will apply when commands such as request to lock, wipe or track or locate phone are initiated including automatic and manual local command issued from phone when overseas.

*WaveSecure Backup (Backup/Restore) – supported for Java devices
*WaveSecure (Backup/restore/lock/wipe/locate) - supported for Symbian, Windows Mobile, Android and Blackberry devices

1.6 Is WaveSecure supported on Multi SIM?

Yes, only the primary SIM will be supported for the service.

1.7 What should I do if I change phone but retain the same StarHub mobile number? Can I use my existing WaveSecure account for my new phone?

Yes, you can retain your existing WaveSecure account if you are using the same mobile number. Simply SMS <SUB> to 6300 to download and install WaveSecure client on new phone and enter your existing WaveSecure account’s Username and PIN. Your account will automatically be migrated to the new phone and your old phone will no longer be protected by WaveSecure.

1.8 What should I do if I change StarHub mobile number but retain the same phone.

You can contact our customer care to request for existing WaveSecure account to be transferred to the new StarHub mobile number. Upon transferred, you will receive a confirmation SMS message informing you of the change of account to new StarHub mobile number. Your new StarHub mobile number will then serve as your username.

1.9 What should I do if I change StarHub mobile number and change phone?

Step 1 You can contact our customer care to request for existing WaveSecure account to be transferred to your new mobile number. Upon transferred, you will receive a confirmation SMS message informing you of the change of account to the new mobile number.

Step 2 SMS <SUB> to 6300 to download and install WaveSecure client on your new phone and WaveSecure account’s using your new mobile number as your username and existing PIN. Once you change phone, your old phone will no longer be protected by WaveSecure.

1.10 What is my WaveSecure username and PIN?

Your WaveSecure username will be your phone number. You are required to include the country code in your username when logging in to WaveSecure website at Example: 659xxxxxxx

Your WaveSecure PIN will be the same as your WaveSecure application and website access. It consists of a 6-digit number which requires you to set as PIN when you first activate WaveSecure account.

1.11 Can I install WaveSecure on my memory card?

Unfortunately, we do not allow installation of WaveSecure client on the memory card. The installation will go into the phone memory of your handset.

1.12 I have several handsets, can use my WaveSecure account to protect all my devices?

WaveSecure service do not support multiple handsets on one account. However, you can sign up for individual account for each of your devices.

1.13 I can't seems to verify my number

For verification, WaveSecure sends an SMS to your phone to verify your phone number during registration. Please ensure that:

1. You enter your phone number in full international format e.g. +659xxxxxxx
2. You have SMS enabled on your mobile plan

Verification happens on the first screen when you are suppsed to type in your phone number. This will in turn send an SMS back to your phone to make sure that you are registering the same phone with the phone number

1.14 How do I terminate WaveSecure?

In order to enjoy the full benefits of the service, we encourage you to continue using WaveSecure to protect your phone. However, you can SMS <UNSUB> to 6300 if you wish to terminate the service.

1.15 I have sent an SMS to sign up to the service, why is the service not responding immediately?

When you send an SMS to sign up for WaveSecure service, we do a quick check to make sure you are a valid StarHub customer before sending you a reply. This check might cause a slight delay. If you do not receive a response in more than 3 min, please do send a repeat SMS.

1.16 I had signed up to WaveSecure service and tried to activate the service, but it prompts that my handset has already signed up for the service. What should I do?

If you know the previous owner of the handset, please contact him to disconnect the device from his account.

If you are certain that you have never signed up for the service before nor do not know of anyone whom had used your handset before, you will have to contact StarHub Customer Care to assist.

1.17 Where can I find the WaveSecure client on my phone?

WaveSecure client is installed on your phone default installation directory. You can refer to your phone user manual on the installation directory.

2. Locking and Unlocking

2.1 What happens if I enable 'Autolock on SIM Change' in Settings on my device?

For mobile handsets that allow the swapping of SIM cards, WaveSecure protects the phone in the event if the SIM is changed. If you choose this option, your handset will automatically lock when the SIM card is changed to another SIM. As a precaution, an email will be sent to your mailbox and your buddies will also be notified of the new number.

2.2 What is the difference between my handset built-in lock and WaveSecure device lock?

WaveSecure device lock allows you to remotely control your phone anytime. Secondly, it enables you to display a message on the device to urge the person who picked up your lost mobile phone to return it to you and to enable you to contact the person. This message can be customized and set remotely from WaveSecure website.

In addition, it also provides an acknowledgement to confirm whether your phone has been/has not been locked, so you will have a peace of mind knowing that your phone is protected.

2.3 What is the available phone function when a person picks up my “locked” phone?

The only available function for your locked phone is the ability to answer incoming calls so that you are able to contact the person who picks up your phone.

3. SIM and Location Tracking

3.1 I have the mobile number of the person who picks up my mobile phone, what can I do?

You can choose to contact the person who took your handset and advise him to return the handset.

Alternatively, you can choose to file a report with the police so they can take action against the thief. Please check that your phone is locked so that the thief cannot use your phone.

3.2 What does WaveSecure track?

WaveSecure helps you track down every detail of the activities in your handset.

For example, you can easily track any new SIM cards inserted into your handset by clicking on the Track tab. You can also use the backup feature retrieve mobile data from the phone remotely. This enables you to track the SMS conversations, incoming and outgoing phone calls made, etc which can help you keep a record of your own usage, or track down the thief's identity in case of theft.

3.3 Can I track the geographical location of my handset?

Yes. WaveSecure service allows you to view your phone's location even if the phone is not with you. Simply login to your account and click on the Location tab. You can also plot it out on a map and set the tracking to 15 minutes interval.

3.4 How do I change my buddy list?

You can change your buddy list by:

* On an Android or BlackBerry phone, launch WaveSecure client, press Menu and go to Settings > Edit buddy list

* On a Symbian or Windows phone, launch WaveSecure client, go to Tracking > Buddy list

* On Java phone, changing of buddy list is not applicable.

3.5 How come “My Location link” sent to my buddy does not work?

When you receive a location link to your buddy number, this link will only valid up to 24 hours.

This is to ensure that your privacy is maintained.

4. Data backup, Restore and Wipe

4.1 What data can be backed up on my device?

Depending on the Operating System that your phone support, the items that can be backed up are as follows:

Back Up DataSymbianWindows Mobile AndroidBlackBerry Java
Call Logsxxxx

4.2 How can I backup my data?

Backup can be done securely in three ways:

* Auto Backup: Go to the WaveSecure application located on your handset to set this option on. Select and Enter the "Backup Now" Function. In the settings menu, you will be able to select auto backup and choose the frequency of auto backup. Only new data will be backed up, so you do not have to worry about excessive data usage.

o Android 1.5: You select your backup frequency
o Android 1.6+: Data is backed up once per day when you plug in your charger.
o Blackberry and Windows mobile: Auto backup occurs whenever the phone is connected to the charger.
o Symbian: You select your backup frequency.

* Manual Web Backup: Go to the web portal, log in with your username and PIN, and go the Backup Section. You may manually select the data items you wish to backup.

* Device Backup: Go to the WaveSecure application located on your handset to do a Manual Backup. Select and Enter the "Backup Now" Function. You will be presented with a list of items to backup. Select the data items you wish to backup, and back it up using the command from the options menu.

Note: Backup for BlackBerry WaveSecure will backup SMS which are added to the phone after activation of WaveSecure. For all other data (Contacts, Calendar, Call logs), WaveSecure will backup everything that is present on the phone.

4.3 What data can be restored up on my device?

Restore of data can be done via the application:

Restore DataSymbianWindows Mobile AndroidBlackBerry Java

4.4 Why are the dates on my restored SMS different on my Android phone?

Restored SMS on Android devices will change the date of your SMS to the date on which the SMS was restored. However, when you open the messages, it will reflect the correct date.

Sometimes when you receive messages from the same contact, the date on display will also reflect the original date.

4.5 Do I incur any data charges when I backup or restore my data?

Yes, data charges will apply when you backup and restore your data. Usual data roaming charges apply when service is access when overseas.

4.6 How do I wipe my phone data should my phone be stolen?

1. Log in to the WaveSecure website and choose the categories as shown below.
2. Click on “Wipe Now” function in the application.
3. Sending an SMS to the phone in the format “Secure wipe <PIN>”.


4.7 If I wipe my data on an Android phone, will my data be wiped from my Google account too?

If you wipe your phone data, your phone will attempt to sync with your Google account. The phone will then prompt you to choose one of the following options below:

1. Delete items on Google account
2. Undo the deletes. This rewrites the items to your phone
3. Do nothing

Hence, your phone data will not be automatically wiped out from your Google account. However, your data can still be deleted if user chooses Option 1.
Therefore it will be advisable that you change your Google account password before proceeding to wipe your phone data.

5. Uninstallation/Disconnect

5.1 How can you uninstall WaveSecure application on your mobile phone?

On Symbian and Windows Mobile devices, you will be prompted to enter your PIN before you can uninstall the application. On Android and BlackBerry devices, WaveSecure can be uninstalled without entering a PIN. To prevent unauthorized person from uninstalling the WaveSecure application from your Android and Blackberry device, you will be prompted to download WaveSecure Uninstall Protection Add-on (UPA) application which will automatically lock the device when WaveSecure application is uninstalled.

It is advisable to make sure your default setting ‘Lock on SIM change’ is on and lock your phone immediately by sending an SMS to your phone (Secure Lock PIN). When the phone is locked, user cannot unlock it to uninstall the application.

5.2 When should I disconnect my mobile device?

You should disconnect your mobile device if:

• You want to uninstall WaveSecure application from your mobile device
• You would like to re-install WaveSecure application for other reasons (such as, after a firmware update)
• You are changing your mobile device (by disconnecting WaveSecure application from existing mobile device and reconnect to a new mobile device)

5.3 How do I disconnect my WaveSecure account?

To disconnect your WaveSecure account.
- Login to your web account at
- Go to the settings section on the top of the page
- Select the Disconnect Tab
- Choose ‘Disconnect mobile device from your account’

6. PIN

6.1 How do I reset my WaveSecure PIN?

You have 3 options to reset your WaveSecure PIN.

* From the WaveSecure application on your mobile phone, select ‘Forgot PIN’ function. A temporary PIN will be sent to your pre-determined buddies.
* If you have an email with WaveSecure, you can visit the ‘Forgot PIN’ wizard on the website to reset your PIN. If you phone is locked, you will receive a temporary PIN to unlock your phone.
* If problem still persist, please contact our customer care for assistance.

6.2 When do you need your WaveSecure PIN?

The PIN is used when
1. You need to access the WaveSecure application on the phone (whenever you access it)
2. When you log in to the web portal at
3. To unlock your phone
4. To use the SMS Remote Commands

7. SMS Remote Commands

7.1 What are SMS Remote Commands?

Most users lose their phones outdoors and might not have a ready internet connection nearby. Should you find yourself in that situation, you can get another phone and SMS your own phone number to trigger the following features:

To Lock your phone: secure lock <PIN>
To Lock your phone with message: secure lock <PIN> <Message>
To Wipe your phone: secure wipe <PIN>
To have a link to the location of your phone: secure locate <PIN>


8.1 Will WaveSecure service drain my batteries faster?

WaveSecure application is optimized for battery usage, however it shows that it drains the battery around 3% faster for most normal usages.
Note: Battery drain will be higher if you are performing tasks like backing up or restoring data

8.2 How can I ensure the data backup in the WaveSecure server is kept confidential?

All of the servers and communications are secured to the highest standards, using technologies equivalent to the banks or credit card companies.

WaveSecure was initially developed for police and military use, so it has all the necessary encryption systems and communication security systems that ensures no one can view the private content of users, not even our staff. WaveSecure is also one of the leading mobile security products adopted and trusted by millions of users

8.3 I am worried about data charges, is data connection require when accessing WaveSecure service?

Yes, data connection is required to backup and restore your data. However, very minimal data usage is required for your phone to inform server on status such as whether the phone is locked.

8.4 What is WaveSecure on Android 2.2 (Froyo)?

With Android 2.2 (Froyo) update, Android introduced a new concept where you can select an application as a "device administrator". Like any other application, WaveSecure can also be selected as a device admin.

This new concept will prevent device admin software from accidental un-installation. When someone tries to uninstall ‘device administrator software’ they'll get an error saying "Uninstallation not successful"

Un-installation of WaveSecure on Android 2.2 (Froyo):

Removal of WaveSecure installed as a "device administrator’ can only be in done after the removal of WaveSecure from Device Admin list. To remove WaveSecure from the Device Admin list, go into ‘Settings’ then ‘Location & Security’ then Select ‘device administrators’ and then uncheck WaveSecure.

Asking for PIN

When WaveSecure is set as a device admin, it will set a PIN lock on the phone (this is a system lock other than your WaveSecure lock) if you have not defined any phone lock. This PIN is set as 123456, if you see your phone locked with a default lock screen other than WaveSecure lock screen please use 123456 as the PIN to unlock.

8.5 If I remotely lock my phone, will the WaveSecure lock screen show up before the native lock screen?

On Android 1.6 to 2.1, if you are using the pattern lock then WaveSecure lock will precede the pattern lock, unless you press the home key in which case the pattern lock will show up. However when you switch off and on the phone screen then WaveSecure lock will show up.

8.6 What will happen to my data and service should I terminate the WaveSecure service?

We will endeavour to keep your data for up to 30 days from date of termination. During this period, you may restore the data to your phone.

In addition, your service will enter a limited mode upon termination, whereby you will not be able to lock, track, wipe and locate your device, and will only be able to back up and restore your data into the phone (subject to data availability).

Note: Please back up your data before you terminate your WaveSecure account.

8.7 I am previously registered with WaveSecure through a different operator. Can I use or retain my previous account when porting the mobile service to StarHub?

You will have to terminate your previous service first in order to subscribe to WaveSecure via StarHub.

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